Today is a New Day

by Carrie Keele on January 13, 2013

Where to start?

As I sit here, having been sick for a week, I ponder. The latest diagnosis is strep, double ear ache with one perforated ear drum, double pink eye and sinusitis. Overall, I feel horrible.

But it’s not just this sickness that has been feeling bad. I’ve been generally feeling crappy lately. And I’m not talking mood.

Confession Time …

Looking over these last six months, I can see how I got to this point. Don’t get me wrong, life has been great. Like really good. I’ve got a great family, love where I’m living, I have a great job. I have amazing friends who lift me up and make me smile. I get to do so many things that I love.

But I’ve let being busy take priority over taking care of me. When it comes to Me, there’s been no consistent workouts and eating habits have slipped. And when I say slipped, I mean plummeted. I’ve been fooling myself into thinking it’s all working, when it’s really not. I’ve gained weight, weight that I fought hard to lose.

I’m “supposed” to be a mentor, a coach. One who lifts others up and helps them reach their goals. But I have been failing miserably at that. I have withdrawn and ignored that area of my life.

I know better.

I know what it feels like to be fat and out of shape with a dependency on sugar and food in general.

I also know what it feels like to be fit and to eat to fuel your body. The difference is amazing. When my body is fit, I am able to push through the rough days and bounce back from illness. When my body is fit, it craves the things that are good. When my body is fit, I breath deeper and fully appreciate the good things in my life. When my body is fit, I have more to contribute to my family and those around me.

I know that this is never something that will just come to me, it’s something I have to work for.

It’s time to stop faking it.

No more pretending. Hoping it will change on it’s own. Hating myself. No more giving into the “inevitable”.

It’s time to decide, are you in or are you out?

Last night I was watching the opening episode of this season’s Biggest Loser. Jillian had 3 teammates who she was ready to send packing. One girl was especially not getting it. Jillian told her that she had to choose. She had to choose to workout or walk out the door. This girl chose to walk out the door, she admitted defeat, she couldn’t do the work (not just physical, but mental).

I realized this is me. This is each of us. Everyday we make decisions, choices, that determines our path. But there are a few times in life where we have big decisions to make. Pivotal. And those choices will greatly change the course you are on. There’s no straddling the line. It’s all in or all out.

Here’s my choice, I choose me. I am all in for a healthy me. I know what I need to do, I know what it takes and I am in. I am creating a future where I can live this life I love, not just endure it. Here’s my motto for 2013 …

That says it all right there. Here’s to 2013!


Is Boot Camp for you?

by Carrie Keele on June 25, 2012

What is the #1 thing that is on the mind of most women I know? Probably more often than you might think it’s: their body OR (lack of) fitness OR self image OR that number on the scale …

Well, you get it.

Everywhere you turn, there’s a new product with HUGE promises. Lose weight NOW, Get the body you deserve, only 3 minutes a day!! And on and on. But let’s face it, we all know the steps we need to take, we may have even succeeded in the past. But it just doesn’t fit. This is where Boot Camp comes in.

30 Day Get Fit Boot Camp FROM HOMEI’m hosting a 30-day FROM HOME Boot Camp. You see, I’m a mom with a busy schedule. I don’t have tons of extra cash (and most traditional boot camps cost several hundred $$$ EACH month). We’ll focus on nutrition, fitness and with the support of the group (and ME!), you’re not alone.

Want details? Send me an email: or message me on FB:


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A to Z Blogging Challenge

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