My Weightloss Journey … so far!

by Carrie Keele on April 12, 2011

Today on Facebook I shared some current before/after pictures. A few of you asked for the story, so here it goes.

  • Height: 5’10”
  • High Weight: 231
  • Current Weight: 187.2
  • How I’ve lost: ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Fire, running, biking, but most important: nutrition … balanced diet tracking in/out with Bodybugg & drinking Shakeology

The weight loss hasn’t been fast or easy, but definitely a learning experience. I created a time line to share a bit of the journey, I applaud you if you make it through the whole thing! I started this story in 2005, only because I didn’t want to make this any longer! ;)

August 2005 – weight while 9 months pregnant: 230. I started out my pregnancy with Braden at my peak pregnancy weight with Aubrey.

October 2005-Spring 2006 – I was in a pretty bad car accident (broke hip, pelvic bone, ribs, shoulder, ruptured liver & kidney, removed spleen, several surgeries including large screw in my pelvic bone) where I was on the vent for 2 days, in the hospital for almost a month, in a wheelchair for 3 months, crutches for several months after that and let’s just say it was a loooooong road. I had been nursing so between that and all the trauma, my hormones were all out of whack. For a long time all of the drugs in my system made it impossible to keep anything down and my weight dropped fast down to 185. I had reached 185 only once since before having Aubrey.

Fall 2007 – High weight: 231 (this passed up my highest weight when I was PREGNANT!). Don’t have any good pictures, since I avoided pictures. If I did have to pose, I would hide behind something (or someone!!) I was shocked to realize that in ONE year, I gained over 45 lbs!! Yes my hormones were whacky, but this was not the future I saw for myself. I did some exercise videos that I had, tried to not give as much to sweet cravings

February 2008 – weight: mid 220s. Decided to do “something” and started training for a half marathon with neighborhood friends. Didn’t really think I could RUN, but thought I could at least walk 13 miles and burn some calories training.

May 2008 – weight: mid 220s. Not only finished my first half marathon, but I ran most of it! HUGE triumph!! Bad news … I didn’ While I had trained for this race, I still ate whatever I wanted thinking that I was allowed to since I was exercising so much! WRONG. This before picture was taken in May 2008. I knew I needed to do something more. (Click on the picture above and you can see me close up. I look like I’m about to die! It’s a combination of that and being really super proud and really super exhausted!)

Dec 2008 – weight: 220ish. I had dropped a few lbs. since May, but nothing like what I had been hoping. However, the holidays were usually a time I GAINed … so at least that didn’t happen. We had just over 3 months to prepare for a family cruise. Taylor and I decided to do this together, we ordered Chalean Extreme. We did it all. From the nutrition program, to the rotation, to the before pictures.

April 2009 – weight: 194. I not only lost 26 lbs. but gained muscle and confidence. I was ready for that cruise and feeling great!

January 2010 – weight: mid 190s. While there had been ups and downs since the cruise, I had managed to maintain my weight loss and did some fun things like biking with Aubrey & more hikes with the fam. On Jan 21st, Taylor’s mom passed away unexpectedly and it was a huge shock to us all. My health/fitness goals became less important and food was a comfort tool. I had signed up to run another half marathon in May, but was struggling to make the choice to really do it or not (my running partner decided not to do it, so I would be on my own.)

Spring 2010 – weight: 207. I decided to train for the half marathon, but it was tough. My eating was once again out of control and I was mad at myself for being back in the 200s. I knew it was up to me and if I didn’t put myself as a priority, obesity was my future and that was NOT okay.

Summer 2010 – weight: 198ish. I completed my 2nd half marathon, beating my time by 18 minutes. I realized that while running was a great thing for my body, strength training was really the key & I wanted to do Chalean Extreme some more. I also decided to sign up as a Beachbody Coach so that I could help others like me reach their own goals. (If you look closely at this picture and compare to my finish in 2008, it’s night and day difference. I had energy and was proud without feeling like I would die!!)

Fall 2010 – Another bit of “roller coaster” for me. Life was a bit crazy as I was PTA President, but I was able to maintain my weight overall through some times that would normally throw me. During this time I started drinking Shakeology occasionally, and working out as my schedule permitted (which was HARD).

February 2011 – weight: 198.4. February was a turning point for me on my health/fitness journey. I feel like everything kind of led up and prepared me for what I am doing now. I needed to gather the knowledge so I can now apply it. I made the choice, once and for all, to my fitness as a priority. I know that this will in turn positively affect all of the other areas of my life. I set BIG goals for myself & for my fitness business. I now see myself on a path to having my dreams come true and am loving every step of it.

April 2011 – weight: 187.2. I am just over 2 lbs. away from a number that has “haunted” my for 11+ years. Twice since having Aubrey I’ve gotten down to 185 before quickly ballooning back up. I know that I will not only see that number, but I will pass it up FOR GOOD. I am currently on my 2nd month of a Chalean Extreme rotation, I drink Shakeology just about every day and I track my food using my Bodybugg. I am creating a different relationship with food. I no longer turn to food for comfort and I now make informed choices. I’m not perfect … I mess up, but I get back up again. My Beachbody Coaching business is booming & and a wonderful side effect is the priceless relationships that I am building. I cannot and WILLnot give up. You see, it’s not just ME anymore; it’s me and all of the people that I am standing for.

I look forward to adding to this story, but felt it important to share with you where I have been. If you are struggling, I get it. If you doubt, I get it. But do not believe for one second that you can’t do this. Because you can do ANYTHING. It’s up to you. But you’re not alone … I’m here to help you, you just need to ask.

  • Terrie Gilland

    Wow you’re 5’10″! I’m 5’9″. People always say “You’re so lucky you’re tall”…but I find it frustrating because what I weigh, at my BEST weight, still SOUNDS fat. I remember being in high school, dangerously thin at 140, and thinking I MUST be huge because my friends were calling themselves fat at 125 & 130.

    My goal is right around where you are now. As an adult I’ve made it down to 167 (weight watcher’s goal weight) and it was just impossible to stay there. I felt good between 185 & 190, and seeing how good you look tells me that when I get there (35 lbs to go) I need to find a way to get past my body image issues and see what other people see, because you look GREAT.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Carrie Keele

      I know what you mean! I always thought I was SO fat as a teen, when in fact I was normal. I was just a good 6 inches taller than my friends. Even now, while I’m proud of where I am, I hesitate to say the actual numbers because I don’ want to sound bad. But I’m giving that up. Hiding and being embarrassed of where I am, is not what I am about any more and it only feeds that unhealthy cycle. It’s not about a number anymore, it’s about being HEALTHY and feeling good in YOUR skin! ;)

  • Allison King

    Thank you so much for sharing! I read so much of myself in your blog and know that I have the power to change and make it better! I have a half marathon in December to train for and this was the push I needed to step it up!

    • Carrie Keele

      Thank you, I appreciate it. It’s kind of like stripping your clothes in front of strangers (not that I know what that’s like) to lay it all out there, so thanks for supporting me. And you are going to ROCK that race … have you ever run before?

  • Tam

    Carrie- you are glowing! Beautiful!!! thanks for inspiring me always!!!

    • Carrie Keele

      Awe thanks Tammy … Love you lots!

  • Angie Derieg

    I LOVE your story and I can’t wait to see where it ends up!!! Thanks for sharing! I needed a kick in the pants to get me going again after having a baby. I ALWAYS stress the weight I gain after having babies and feel like it is soooo hard to find the motivation(especially in the winter) to get the weight off. I was only weeks away from a half marathon when I found out I was pregnant. It was a goal that I have had for SOOO long and finally thought I would reach it and had to stop to have a healthy pregnancy. I need to reset my goal. Your story was EXTREMELY motivating. I think sometimes just knowing someone that has accomplished what you have rather than just hearing about someone…is so inspiring. Thanks Carrie! Keep it up! You are amazing!!!
    Angie Derieg

    • Carrie Keele

      Thanks Angie, that means a LOT! You are darling & you can totally do it. It is hard after having babies, and honestly I think there’s nothing wrong with enjoying that time while they are little. Now that you’re ready, you’re gonna do great! If you need motivation, just holla and I’ll kick your bootay! :D

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