Snack to lose weight

by Carrie Keele on May 11, 2011

Want to see that scale move down? Start snacking. It helps control hunger and rein in portion sizes at meals. Losing weight and being healthy isn’t about starvation, in fact starving yourself actually ends up working against you.

So, we need to eat 5-6 times a day, eating healthy balances meals. How is that possible with our busy, hectic lives?? It’s all about planning & preparing! Those 2 P’s may be swear words in your household, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Make a list, check it twice! Make a master list of you fav snacks. Add to it as you come across new ideas. When you make your grocery list, pull out the master snack list and add the things that are running low. (Hint: make a master list for breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas.) Plan once, and each week it will only take minutes to create your grocery list.
  2. Stick to your list! While grocery shopping, stick to the items on your list. This will limit the impulse buys that will sabotage you later AND your wallet will thank you!
  3. Unpack & prepare! Separate snacks into individual servings, cut fruits & veggies, etc. This will allow you to grab & go with no regrets during the week. Keep snacks at eye level in the pantry and fridge.

Here are some examples of how I keep snacks accessible in my house. In the fridge:

The top 2 shelves are devoted to snacks, most are grab & go. Unsweetened applesauce, SF pudding & jello, hummus, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, peaches, pineapple, raspberries, grapes, apples, hard boiled eggs, etc. In the veggie drawer I have prepared veggies to add to salad or for snacking.

On my kitchen table:

Fruit, the ultimate grab & go snack! Since I started keeping a fruit bowl on my kitchen table, my kids (and me too!) are constantly grabbing for it. Gone are the days of throwing away rotten fruit from the fruit drawer. I also have a bunch of bananas hung on a hanger on the counter (hangers really do extend the life of a banana!)

In the pantry (at eye level!):

I took these out of the pantry to get a better pix, but you get the idea. Either buy snacks pre-portioned or simply buy ziploc bags (snack size) and do it yourself! Here's a sampling of what we have: pretzels (2 kinds), mini rice cakes (2 kinds), fruit leather, rice crackers, dried fruit, 100 calorie popcorn bags, granola bars, etc.

Here are some more snack ideas:

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