5 ways to add some “umph” to your workouts

by Carrie Keele on March 26, 2012

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a fitness rut? You know what you want, but just can’t quite “get” there? (—>sheepishly raises hand!) I love this quote & it’s just the solution …

Whenever I find myself feeling bored, complacent or just plain lacking motivation, here are some ways to spark that fire:

  1. Don’t be a loner!! Sure, there’re people out there who do better doing it all on their own. For more of us, when you have someone counting on you, pushing you & driving you to work harder/faster/better/longer, success is inevitable. I’ve had my greatest success when I’ve had a running buddy or done my workouts with hubby. Can’t find someone in real life? Get a virtual workout buddy!
  2. Get outside! No matter the time of year, there is just something invigorating about being outside. Invite everyone to the park for a game of ultimate frisbee, go for a long bike ride, jump rope or go for a run.
  3. Add some motivation! Sure you know you want to lose <insert number here> pounds or get into a size <insert dream size here>, but sometimes that goal can seem soooooooo far away. Set some mini-goals and attach some rewards, rewards that motivate YOU. Sign up for a race, lose 10 lbs. & treat yourself to a facial, create a rotation to get ready for your June beach vacay, etc. Surround yourself with visual reminders of your goals and you’ll stick to it!
  4. Try something new! Always thought it would be cool to learn bellydancing? Maybe you’ve always wished you could say you ran a marathon. What about that infomercial for Insanity? Whatever your “that would be cool if” thing is, just try it! Not only will your mind have fun learning a new skill, you’ll love the results you’ll get physically.
  5. Pump up your iPod! There’s nothing like a good song to get ya in the mood. Add some new tunes to the mix and shake it up. One of the things we love to do in our fam is to set my iPhone to an upbeat station on Pandora, crank it up and dance like crazy. Talk about burning calories while having FUN!

Now those are just a few things that have worked for me but there are countless others. In fact, if you’ve found some ideas that work for you tell me all about it!

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